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Adult Education Classes
Fall Christian Education Classes start September 18th.

Seeing the Gospel in Handel’s Messiah

Justin TenCate & Bill Painter, Music Room on the upper level

Handel’s Messiah is one of history’s best loved musical compositions.  Through the Fall term we seek to direct that love toward the biblical texts that underpin Handel’s musical masterpiece.  In Handel’s skillful hands, these texts echo the great gospel story down through the ages.  

You do not have to be a biblical scholar or virtuoso musician to profit from this course.  Each weekly lesson includes accessible, exciting dives into the supporting Scriptures, the musical composition and historical context, accompanied by a video performance.  Our whirlwind journey moves from Old Testament prophecy all the way through Christ’s eternal reign and through all 53 sections of this renowned oratorio in just 12 short weeks.

Our prayer is that by week 12 we not only leave with deeper appreciation for the timeless words and music of Messiah, but with a higher view and deeper love of this one true Messiah, and that through it all we are led ever more powerfully to worship.


Redeeming Beauty:  Beholding and Becoming

Sonja Sray, Meadowview Room on the lower level

“Leave her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a beautiful thing to me.” 

Jesus rebuked those who muttered about woman’s costly gift of nard. Jesus saw beauty. Others saw poor stewardship.

How do WE see beauty? Is it a transcendent attribute of God or a subjective value mired in human brokenness? Is it essential to our Christian DNA or an optional add-on? Join us as we explore redemptive beauty together…by beholding beauty in a variety of forms and by considering its ability to shape us. We’ll weave in themes of hospitality, Sabbath, worship, and justice and mercy as we consider the gift of redemptive beauty to Christians and to a thirsty world. 


What is Christianity All About?

Bill Kerschbaum, Garden Room on the lower level


Christianity can seem pretty weird if you didn’t grow up in church—and sometimes, even if you did. This seminar-style class is for anyone who wants to understand the basics of Christianity, without all the jargon. We’ll discuss questions like, Who is God? How is Jesus different from other teachers? Do we need church? What does God expect of us? Get real answers to all your questions about the Christian faith.