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Trauma and COVID

A faith-based workshop to provide healthcare professionals with encouragement, connection, and hope.

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Re-opening of Knox Church

We have been waiting to re-open for three months and this season has been hard for so many of us, but we rejoice in God’s sustaining grace and provision. We are excited to be able to regather again in a couple weeks. Thanks be to God!

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Formed for Justice

One of the most powerful ways that the church embodies the gospel is through the love and unity we demonstrate across economic, cultural and racial divides (Col 3:12-15).

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C3W Spring Brunch Virtual Gatherings

We’re taking our Spring Brunch virtual! Grab a cup of tea in the comfort of your own home and join with a small group of women via Zoom video conferencing to discuss Mary’s message, “God’s Word at Work in Our Waiting” based on 1 Thessalonians 1.

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Children’s Worship Contributions

Instead of a traditional Children’s Sunday at the end of May, we are inviting kids to take active roles in our ongoing live-stream worship services by providing a recorded instrumental prelude, offering a prayer of praise or submitting artwork.

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