Three Artists Consider the Passion Week


In anticipation of the Passion week and the celebration of Easter, Angela Knedgen, Anya Cobler, and Diane Telian have spent time meditating on the significance of this season personally and artistically.

As three different artists, they worked independently and then came together to see how their themes of the gospel story interweaved together. Both Angela and Diane are painters and Anya is a poet.

They tell the Story without image and with layers, with color, with tone and mood, and lyrical words. Artist statements are provided for each artist in order to offer some entry point into the works. We hope you will join them for the show in the Hess Hospitality Room as well as the hallway outside the Garden Room. A notebook will be provided for you to interact with the Story and with them. Feel free to write your own reflections on the Passion.