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Prayer focus
Jul 5, 2021
“Pray, keep praying, and pray some more.”

In his current sermon series, “Pictures of Renewal”, Pastor Bryan has called us to “Pray, keep praying, and pray some more.” Every day Jesus calls to us, “Come to me.” Yet so often our spirits are willing but our flesh is weak, and it is, frankly, just hard to know how to pray. To help us respond to this call to prayer, Knox will be sending out weekly prayer prompts through the Knox App. These will go out every Wednesday, beginning July 7.

As you use these short prayer prompts to enter into conversation with God, remember to stop and listen. The LORD wants to speak to you. As Elijah discovered, God comes in a gentle whisper (1 Kings 19). We hope that each notification on your phone won’t be an annoyance but rather that it will be a sweet reminder that your Savior is ready to meet with you in prayer.