Race, Grace, Justice

Reckoning with racial justice

Thoughts on the Issue of Racial Justice

We as a church believe it is of great importance to thoughtfully, prayerfully and biblically engage issues of race. The elders and pastors have contemplated this issue, interacting with several resources and experts, with members of the congregation, and with one another to lead Knox in gospel faithfulness on this important issue of our times. Here are two documents that were sent out to the congregation from the session and pastors. The first is a letter to the congregation and the second is a follow-up FAQ.


Race & Grace Bible Study

Five or six week Bible study about race, grace, and justice, written by Pastor Bob Lynn.


Follow-up Book Study of “Be the Bridge”

One option for your community group, Bible study, or other small group is Latasha Morrison’s book, Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation. Morrisom’s goal is to help equip the church to have a distinctive and transforming response to racism and racial division. Read it with others, read it alone and learn how the church can pursue racial justice and reconciliation.


Gospel answers to questions of race and racial justice are not the same as the culture’s answer. Take a look at these articles to better understand that gospel difference.



Listen in as a group of African-American brothers and sisters share stories about their experiences around the subject of race.

Statement on Racial Reconciliation

The destination, Biblically speaking is reconciliation in Christ. But what does that look like? Kevin Smith, senior pastor of New City Fellowship in Chattanooga, TN. shared his church’s vision of the finish line with us. New City Fellowship has a congregation that has been interracial for many years.