The current MDHHS order allows for 10 or fewer people from no more than 2 households. This order is in effect through March 29, 2021.

Due to this we’re only scheduling building use in Knox Hall. Knox families are welcome and invited to use Knox Hall to give the kids a chance to “burn-off a little energy”. If two families would like to get together, feel free to coordinate and have one person fill out the room request form. We do ask that everyone follow a few simple guidelines in order to prevent damaging the building and to help keep it clean and safe {see below}.

COVID guidelines are likely to continue to change over time. Please help us to stay safe and stay in line with those guidelines.


Knox Hall Guidelines

Areas of Risk – Following are areas of concern that we want to protect:

  • Door glass breakage – The doors leading to the atrium have glass panels – fragile!
  • Ceiling light breakage – Stray balls can damage the numerous lights hanging from the ceiling
  • Rubber flooring – The floor is very durable, but can be punctured
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is off limits, keep the door and pass-through cover closed
  • Table storage room – The table storage room is off limits except for access to cleaning materials, keep the doors closed

To protect these areas of risk, please do not:

  • Play with hard balls such as baseballs, softballs, field hockey balls and hockey pucks
  • Play with wood or aluminum bats, or wooden hockey sticks
  • Play with any sports equipment or other items that can damage the building – please use common sense
  • Kick balls of all types so that they hit the ceiling lights – if you can’t play soccer without hitting the ceiling, don’t play soccer
  • Attempt to raise or lower the basketball backboards
  • Play with any toys or items that can puncture the rubber flooring – sharp and heavy items
  • Go into any other areas of the building other than to enter and exit through the office doors and to use the bathrooms

Please do:

  • Park in the lower lot, enter and sign-in at the office entrance.
  • The sign-in form has three questions related to COVID. (Have you had contact with someone who has COVID-19? Have you traveled to a sensitive area? Do you have symptoms of COVID-19?).  If the answer is “yes” to any of these, please don’t use the building.
  • Use any of the toys or sports equipment that you find in the ball storage closet
  • Bring toys or sports equipment from home that DO NOT put the building at risk (i.e., Nerf, whiffle balls)
  • Be sure an adult is always present to supervise
  • Anyone over 2 must wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of distance when outside of Knox Hall for any reason
  • Return all items to the ball storage closet
  • Use the atrium restrooms only (return directly to Knox Hall)
  • Bring your own drinking water – don’t use the water fountain {no snacks}
  • Return any chairs used to storage
  • Clean up after yourself before leaving
    • If you make a mess, clean it up
    • Dry mop the floor and dump the dirt in a kitchen trash can (mops, brooms and dust pans are in the table storage room)
    • Use disinfectant wipes to wipe-down all Knox toys and equipment used, plus high-touch surfaces such as doors and light switches (a set of surfaces to clean is on the Knox Hall doors)


Knox Hall Request