February 22, 2015 “Satisfied in God’s Calling” is part 6 in the series on Busyness.

During the Civil Rights era, when African Americans boycotted the buses to protest segregated seating, a 72 year-old African American woman was asked how tired she was having to walk everywhere. She replied, “My feet is tired, but my soul is rested.”

Why is it that she could call her soul “rested” despite such hardship? Why is it that, for a great many of us Americans, we feel just the opposite: our feet are rested but our soul is tired? What makes for the contrast? Jesus gives us a window into how, even amidst tiring circumstances, one can know deep, restful satisfaction.

Key Quote:
18th Century Pastor and Hymn Writer John Newton: “Washing plates, and cleaning shoes, is a high office, if performed in a right spirit. If three angels were sent to earth, they would feel perfect indifference who should perform the part of prime minister, parish minister, or watchman.” (The Works of John Newton, vol. 1, p. 100)

Satisfied in God’s Calling

February 22, 2015
Pastor Chuck Jacob
John 4:13-38