The class will show how science, which is an exploration of patterns and laws exhibited within the natural world, is God’s gift for our enjoyment, alleviation of human suffering, and His glory. In modern times, many treat science as a substitute religion, seeking from it a comprehensive understanding of how the universe and humans came to be, and what, if any, their meaning or purposes might be. The class will show how this view profoundly misunderstands science, and how we can recover and enjoy God’s intentions for science to His glory. We will discuss together how science works, its history and interactions with Christian faith, what it has to say about the universe and human beings, how we might better understand and enjoy science, and bring gospel grace to the scientifically minded among us. Based on class interest, we will also discuss how science addresses public policy, including such “hot” topics as responses to the pandemic and to climate change. Questions from participants will be gladly received and discussed.

Teacher:  Ron Larson
Room:  Music Room (upper level)
Sundays:  January 16-April 3, 2022


Slides: Class 123456789, 10, 1112
Videos: Class 9 (Video), 10 (Video), 11 (Video), 12 (Video)