August 21, 2016 ”Seated with Christ” is part 7 in the series on Hospitality.

Ever been at a wedding where there was no assigned seating? You walk into the room and wonder, “Where do I sit? Will I be accepted? Will I like the people at my table? Will I be at the important table? Once you are seated, there is a sense that you can relax and enjoy the people and the celebration. We are told in Colossians that we are, “seated with Christ”. What does that mean? Do we really believe it?

It is easy to live as one who does not have a seat at the table. Jesus says we are seated with Him; we have a place at the table. We can stop fighting to prove our worth. We’re invited to gaze at the Head, Jesus Christ, and allow Him to set us free from both self-exalting and self-condemning behaviors.

Satan’s plan is to lure us away by offering counterfeit seats that seem irresistible and very appealing. We must live in the truth of being “seated with Christ”!!

“Seated with Christ”

August 21, 2016
Pastor Tom Robinson
Ephesians 2:1-16