In the midst of Covid-19

Your Neighborhood

No really, we mean it.

The places that feel “too simple” are often over-looked. But in a time when everything is shifting to digital; how meaningful would it be to remind your neighbors that they have a kind friend nearby? Seek out ways to build relationships with your neighbors. During these strange times is the perfect excuse to connect with neighbors that you may never have gotten around to connecting with; or deepening friendships that you’ve already made!

  • Put notes on your neighbors mailboxes with your contact info
  • Create care packages and put them on their porch 
  • Ask how people might need help
  • Be proactive at reaching out to those that might be more vulnerable 
  • Be creative about how God might use you!
  • If you’re nervous—pray for strength!—and go do it.


Other places to serve

Hope Clinic

Providing free medical, dental, food, and care through love of Jesus.

Food Gatherers

Seeks to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in our community.

American Red Cross

They face a severe blood shortage as coronavirus outbreak threatens availability of nation’s supply.

Family Life Services logo
Family Life Services

Providing caring support and accurate information to help women make informed decisions and changed outcomes.