Summer brings a different rhythm to life. In the life of the church it creates more space for us to connect with God and with one another. We embrace this in a few different ways.

First, we spend a longer / more leisurely time in worship, including celebrating communion each week.

Second, we take a break from our usual Christian Education class schedule, (we’ll pick up again in the fall). This allows us to stay around and spend an extended time at our Connections Coffee with friends new and already-known.

Finally, we’re giving our church body not just permission but encouragement to get together with folks in other venues!  Participate in something organized like one of our Regional Gatherings or be spontaneous …

  • invite a newcomer out to lunch to discuss the sermon
  • have the neighbors over
  • read that book your CE teacher referenced and discuss it with a friend
  • gather your small group to listen to a podcast, sermon or teaching
  • plan a small group outing
  • watch a movie with someone and discuss any spiritual implications
  • challenge yourself to practice a new spiritual discipline
  • ask a co-worker or neighbor to read and discuss an article, blog post or scripture

it’s completely up to you!

Our summer schedule officially begins June 11th and ends September 3rd. The Christian Education Fall Semester starts September 10th.