Recommended & in the Knox Library: “The Gift of Enough: raising grateful kids in a culture of excess” by Marianne Miller

gift-of-enoughMarianne’s combination of honest storytelling and practical wisdom offers parents simple, effective ideas they can begin using today.— Anita Lustrea, Moody Radio Producer and Host of Midday Connection. We have the power as parents to instill in our children the strength to combat today’s materialistic culture with a heart of gratitude. Are you weary of your child’s incessant requests? Have you become your child’s personal ATM? Are you perplexed as to why your child does not seem grateful for all they have? In The Gift of Enough, you will examine the challenges of parenting in our culture of excess, while discovering specific suggestions for navigating financial minefields such as birthday parties, holidays, toy aisles, and shopping malls. You will gain tools to teach your children to make wise decisions by establishing their own financial filter. Dare to be different by building the concept of Enough in your own family!

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