April 5, 2015 

Each person’s life is a story. And truth be told, few if any of us have lived the story we’d have written for ourselves. And yet, the Resurrection of Jesus changes what is most true about everything in the world, including the story of our lives. What does a resurrection-shaped life look like? We get a glimpse of this as we consider the first person who encountered Jesus after His resurrection.

Key Quotes
Gerhardus Vos: “[T]here is need of a deeper faith than that of mere acquaintance with and consent to external statements of truth, when the dread realities of life and death assail us…. Let us thank God that, when we ourselves enter into the valley of the shadow of death, we have infinitely more than a promise to stay our hearts upon, that ours is the fulfillment of the promise, the fact of the resurrection, the risen Lord Himself present with rod and staff beside us.” (in “Rabboni,” Grace and Glory)

Paul Miller on resurrection-shaped life: “1. We don’t know how or when resurrection will come. It is God’s work, not ours. 2. We don’t even know what a resurrection will look like. We can’t demand the shape or timing of a resurrection. 3. Like Jesus, we must embrace the death that the Father has put in front of us. The path to resurrection is through dying, not fighting. 4. If we endure, resurrection always comes. God is alive!” (A Loving Life)


The Shape of Resurrection Life

April 5, 2015
Pastor Chuck Jacob
John 20:11-18