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Tips for Families with Middle & High School Students
Mar 26, 2020
Sonja Sray shares her tips and resources for homeschooling Middle & High School students in light of COVID-19.

Recommended Resources:

A source for AP exam information, and a diagnostic test to determine if the ACT or SAT is the best test for your student. They also offer tutoring services which, although quite pricey, come highly recommended. arborbridge.com
Pennsylvania Homeschoolers is an organization that offers certified AP courses to homeschooled students. Several instructors (including Mariah’s AP Chemistry instructor) have mentioned they are willing to help public schooled students prepare for the exam. If you are concerned about your student’s ability to prepare for the test, feel free to contact the individual instructors. They may be willing to help! The website will give you their contact information. https://aphomeschoolers.com/
This popular blog/podcast is designed to help families build relationships through books. Sarah MacKenzie is a Catholic homeschooling mom, but she’s quite inclusive of those who make other educational choices. There’s a great book list, divided by ages, as well as recommendations for which books lend themselves to reading aloud. And, she has some great podcasts with well-known authors. https://readaloudrevival.com/
I also really enjoy the Nature Study materials by Cindy West. She has 10 free lessons at the moment, so check them out. I find them enjoyable, even though her target audience is K-8. If your high school or middle school student has younger siblings, this might be a great way for them to engage in nature study together. https://ourjourneywestward.com/
If your student’s educational life has been disrupted and you want them to continue learning, Veritas Press (our own Tia Spykstra’s mom teaches at Veritas! and Zach Spykstra is a graduate) is offering a generous 60 days of FREE access to all their online content. In our family’s experience, the Self-Paced videos for Omnibus (level I, II, and III) are very well done. I’d encourage parents to watch with their kids the lecture on 3 different Christian views of the creation stories in Genesis (found in Self-Paced Omnibus I). So, poke around their website to see which one you’d like to free trial, and then follow the link to sign up. Highly, highly recommend! Enjoy! https://veritaspress.com/