KC 2015 photo for web publicityThis summer we will learn more about God’s character and love…from the eyes of the psalmist King David.  Discover firsthand how the unlikely shepherd boy was chosen by God to be king.  Learn how David was fierce enough to defeat the giant Goliath and other enemies, yet he showed tender mercy to King Saul who wanted him destroyed.  Hear how David danced with joy in worship and shared his emotion-rich relationship with the Lord through the Psalms.  While David began the preparations for the building of the Lord’s holy temple, he still fell prey to sin; Jesus Christ, in his sinless perfection, fulfills God’s laws in ways that David could not. Come join us as we bring the good news of Jesus Christ to children!

Dates:  June 27th – July 1st, 2016 (9AM – noon)

Theme:  HAIL, GOD’S ANOINTED KING: Stories of David and Jesus

We have reached our minimum staffing to enable us to open registration on Monday, May 2, 2016.  We certainly still welcome other adults and teens wishing to join our staff team. Please, prayerfully consider joining us this year.

Please click here to volunteer or for more information for more information about other ways to help, please contact Kristen Meehan. Please be praying about how you might be a part of this special week.

For those who would like to sign up online to donate snack items and craft items (via SignUpGenius, which offers handy email reminders), we would appreciate your assistance!

Feel free to download a hard copy of the Kids Camp 2016 brochure to help invite a friend!