Please welcome Mike Fox, our new Operations Director.  Mike will begin his Knox tenure in early September.  We look forward to working with him!

Mike came to the Lord as a teenager when his brother came home from college and shared the good news.  It was a time to go from no background at all in faith, God or church, to a new life with a firm foundation based on the finished work of Christ on the cross.  Mike has a deep love for the life-giving Word of God, and continues to see the Lord bring passages to mind that have been committed to memory that guide and remind him of His caring hand.

Mike has two kids living in the area and two very special granddaughters.  The entire family has enjoyed living in the Ann Arbor area for about a decade, and consider it a privilege to be a part of this congregation and work of service.

Mike has served as a chief financial officer for a bank holding company in Virginia, and for two private colleges (Chicago and Western Pennsylvania).  Most recently, his professional life has led him to EMU as the head of budget and financial planning for the University, and to U of M for a little over five years as the budget and finance lead for the School of Dentistry.