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Worship Service – Assistive Listening System
May 21, 2022
New assistive listening system you can use during worship.

We’re pleased to let you know about our new assistive listening system available during the worship service. This system, called AudioFetch, allows us to stream the audio from the service directly to your smartphone or tablet via the AudioFetch app. This means you get to control what you’re hearing through your own device and headphones (or directly to a linked hearing aid, if so configured).

If you would like to use the system, please stop by the sound booth before or after the service and someone will gladly assist you. We can help make sure you’re connected to the Wi-Fi and have the app set up correctly. We will also have some devices available at the sound booth for those who would like to use the system but do not have their own device.

You can download the AudioFetch app using the appropriate link: