Continuing opportunities to engage with and serve one another

Knox Membership

Are you considering membership at Knox? 

We encourage you to consider being part of the grand adventure of following Jesus in community by joining Knox. Periodically, we host a membership class where you can discover in more detail what it means to be part of a local church. For information about upcoming membership classes, keep an eye on the website or Sunday bulletin for more information.

If you have questions about membership or the membership classes, please email the Knox Office.


Knox Community Groups

Knox Community Groups (formerly known as Small Groups) are viewed as one of the primary engines to help us live into the vision of our church. Because of their small size, regular meetings in which Scripture, prayer requests and fellowship are shared, they offer a unique context for people to live in community. Visit the webpage to learn more about CG’s and how you can sign up for one.


Confidential Assistance

For those struggling with financial, relational, personal and/or spiritual difficulties, the Knox Deacons offer confidential assistance to assess needs and work with members to help resolve a crisis and develop a sustainable solution as needed. If needs are beyond their ability and experience, the Deacons provide referrals to experienced and trusted counselors. We all need help at some point, so at Knox, we focus on being real with each other and not being afraid to ask for assistance. We invite you to take that first step.

Request Prayer

At all times believers are called to prayer and especially, in times of crisis, the church does well to pray. Let us call on God’s mercy, plead for his promises to be fulfilled, and His kingdom to come with grace, compassion, healing, restoration, hope and strength. If you would like someone to pray with you, please make a request and a member of our Prayer Team will call and briefly pray with you.

Handiworks Help

SINGLE MOMS, WIDOWS & SENIORS can get help with annoying little fix-it tasks around your house. Handiworks Teams would love to use their skills to  demonstrate the love of Christ to you and take care of those problems that you might not have the skill or time to deal with.

New members to the Handiworks team are always welcome.

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands ministry is designed to provide meals for those who could use a helping hand in times of illness, emergency or other need. If a single meal or a schedule of meals would help you or your family out during a difficult time, please let us know.


Look for ideas in the Knox Friday emails about how to promote care and connection within our groups, and regular invitations to prayer.